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Invest in Chatime Franchise

Starting your own business from scratch can sometimes be overwhelming for the first time entrepreneur. Instead, investing in an already successful franchise concept may be a great choice for your new business venture.

Who is ChatTime?

Chatime is a Taiwanese global franchise teahouse chain based in Zhubei Chatime is the largest teahouse franchise in the world. It operates 2500+outlets in 38 countries. With its vision of consistent taste across the world, and to be a provider for the health-conscious, it has been one of the top companies for bubble tea. They are also a supporter for environmental health, as their vision includes going green by using ecofriendly materials.

The franchise model is individual as well, which means you get most of the sales you receive and a small part to Chatime.  

Advantages of owning a Chatime franchise

- Staff training is provided by including a training program with the package

- Globally certified, meaning they have attained worldwide excellence

- Operation is made easy with cloud computing management

- Franchisees is not left alone and will be supported with training

- System designed for franchise

- Research and Development for innovative drinks as they have their own exclusive food lab

- You get help with business start-up (equipment, suppliers,training)

- Your business benefits from existing brand name recognition

- An established supply chain and customers are already in place

- Buying into a successful franchise can be very profitable

- Franchisees have a lower failure rate.


Why this program is interesting? 

- The fastest way to get a work permit within a month.

- Quickly get your business running.

- Fast permanent residency.

- Spouses are eligible for employment.

- Free education for your children.

- Free healthcare for family.

- Government provide a certain amount each month  to help parent for child care until 18 years old. This amount depends of the income obtained by the parents during the last year.

 Investment in franchise is currently the best Immigration option for you and your family. Moreover, there are no complicated terms and conditions and you only need to be able to speak functional English or French to qualify.​


Invest  in franchise allows you to get Permanent Resident quickly and smart way to immigrate to Canada. Our team will help you buy, start or invest in a suitable business.